Freedom Publishing is a new model of publisher, built around a culture of empowerment. We empower authors by offering flexible and creative solutions to bring their material to readers. We aim to empower readers in nations across the world by giving them access to book, journals, study guides and music. We empower ministries wanting to reach nations with their resources by offering both an international reprint service but also shipping to events and speaking tours.

With offices around the world, we have many years experience in book, music, audio CD & educational DVD production and distribution. Founded in 2006 (after years of being asked if he published books) David Powell decided to say yes to the next person who asked. That turned out to be his accountant friend and the formatting he did won acclaim from other publishers and printers. The company has grown by word of mouth and personal recommendation. We don’t advertise and have only recently joined Facebook.

In 2018, Freedom Publishing became the new name for New Wine Press and New Wine Ministries, a well known and respected publishing brand established over 25 years ago. It publishes books across the Christian denominations, faith streams and genres.

Our sister organisation, Lighthouse Publishing, focuses on biographies, business books, and cross-over sector titles (both faith and sector market focused books). It provides a very successful publishing and print management services to other publishers and Christian Ministries.

In early April 2020, another publishing brand will join the business and expand the services we offer as well as compliment the existing two brands.

Through a new base alongside our USA distribution partners, we are starting to market our services in the North America where we expect significant growth to come. Exciting times are ahead!!


Our Social Impact Commitment

Freedom Publishing is totally committed to giving back and empowering others in their life’s call and journey.
Our aim is two-fold. Firstly to use our physical resource to help micro and small businesses (up to 5 people). As our offices grow this could be through making space available to a start-up rent free and for them to have use of the equipment on a “cost only” basis.

Secondly, we want to reach the place where we can take a percentage of our profits (amongst other ways) to train people and/or provide bursary & grants, support city transformation projects, using micro-loans to help businesses grow to impact their communities. As an international organization, these will not be limited to North America or western cultures.

And as time is often our most precious individual commodity, we already support, mentor and advise business leaders and people all over the world. Giving back can take many forms and often having someone to talk through challenges we face can have the greatest business, emotional and mental health impact


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